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ティーチングプロ竹内雄一郎さんによるゴルフ上達のポイントを短時間にまとめた動画をアップされているYouTubeチャンネル「MIURA CLUB」です。


This site is the hub of golf.
The purpose of this site is to represent the love that people have for golf.
In simple terms, talk about anything related to golf.
'Golf progress practice method that was able to become a club champion in five years' and the professional to the public devising it and animation has been opened to the public.
Golf often hears the voice that the image is hard for the beginner, and there are a lot of things that do not understand variously. I think that I put a lot of articles that become references of the preparation etc. when such a beginner also starts manners of golf and golf to use to the UP doing and trying take up golf in the future.

MIURA CLUBのゴルフ動画一覧